The Bad Relationships !

Its Not My Idea


Okay I am Writing this story because i don’t find any other mean to express what are my views. So Let’s start the girl i am talking about she is like a flower but not the regular one that you will find in your garden but the one that will make your garden worth something. But flower’s having it’s properties it attract things and that flower don’t know that the thing which attract with it’s fragrance is going to be good or bad but that flower had no choice but you have my dear. We are humans and we do mistakes a relationship having two main points trust and understanding if any of them is not present it is not a relationship it is an arrangement where some set of rules are drawn and you must obey them and if you ask me that’s rubbish. In today’s term how a relationship start we saw someone we feel attracted to them we talk to them and them we expect so many things that’s how relationship work these days but let me clarify in the start of a relationship we are pretending to be the one but after sometime when relationship grows and we how another person is we start complaining that’s not right on both ways. Every bad relationship don’t turn bad in one day because being in a relationship we compromise many things we try to be happy with them if it’s not working we adjust ourselves to them but that’s wrong. For me if it’s not working do go too low for that person because that person don’t worth it. That person was a fake who show you that he is the one but clearly not the one. Every Broken person can be fixed but if the person willing to take chances because one bad relationship is not the end of the road. For me Definition of love is firstly time don’t matter just how much you live in that moment that matter. Because a relationship of years can be an adjustment and love of a moment is priceless. Now let’s talk about trust if you are in relationship you both are in your world , jealousy is wholly different thing then not trusting your partner. It’s ok that you want your partner with you all the time but all the time means when he or she is with you,  other times you have to show trust otherwise i don’t think it’s a relationship or more over love. You show your partner with someone else happy and you got jealous that obvious but you start judging then right on that’s not good. Relationship affect friendships too because in today’s time of you want your relationship to work you have to choose between friends and you partner and specially you have choose between your partner and your opposite sex (Friend). It’s Too late of the night and i can’t find sleep because i have seen so many relationships those are broken on these same things trust and understanding. What i say more, i am so pissed right now that i want to left my human form and find peace ☮️. You probably thinking there are good relationships too why i am not talking about them because they don’t need advertisement those are understanding people and don’t judge one another and these kind of people are rare for our generation. I have seen so many broken friendships because of relationship that i think the people those encourage you to get into one you left for someone you just met and don’t know for hoe much time. Some Love is Enteral but not all, because world is new and it change.

Thank You if You Read This.